Hi everyone,

do you guys know if it is possible to make the K1000 detect the computer product numbers additionally to the serial number?
Currently the device overview in the inventory does not show the product number.


Edit: We are running v7.2.101
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  • K1000 can retrieve information from Windows Registry or WMIC queries..

    If there is a way to retrieve what you seek using one of those two methods, then yes.

    See: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/558124
    And: https://leurproject.co/get-your-pc-model-serial-and-more-command-line-cmd-33/
    • Thanks, didn't know about these features.
      "wmic csproduct get skunumber" should be the correct command but I don't get any data from it. Does it work for you?

      But even if it worked I don't see how I could add it as a new column to the inventory. Do you have an idea about that?
      • You can create a custom inventory rule for that
  • something like ShellCommandTextReturn(wmic csproduct get skunumber /format:list)
    • The custom inventory is indeed very helpful, thank you!
      However I decided to get the information from the registry instead.


      If I could now somehow use the information of the custom inventory field for a new column on the start page of the device inventory, that would make my day :-)
      • I believe this is not possible at the moment, see:

        You might want to vote there
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