Cannot deploy Adobe CC 2019 packages via Managed install

I've been having a very difficult time trying to deploy any Adobe software built via the Creative Cloud Packaging portal.

If KACE handles the extraction, the package will always fail with a return code of 6.

I can however take that exact same zip file on the workstation, delete the extracted files and then use either windows or 7-zip  to extract and the adobe installer will run without issue.

I have tried deploying the original adobe package as well as repackaging the .zip using Windows, 7-Zip and even Winrar.

The only visible difference I can see when comparing the KACE extracted folder and that by another utility is that most of the files received the archive attribute if KACE extracted it.

I'm somewhat baffled at this point, Is the KACE extraction mechanism perhaps adding an attribute that's not visible to the Windows OS which the Adobe Setup application is rejecting?

The problem exists with both MI's and Scripted installs.. As a workaround I've been temporarily using the .7z format and leveraging 7Zip to extract as part of a script.

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  • Chuck, I have also had this same issue with the Adobe CC distribution. I have no issues whatsoever with any CAD products, but the CC gives me fits. I have even gone as far as uploading it to the Samba share, but still no luck.
    If anyone has had any luck with this, please share. - FSU Facilities 3 years ago
  • Hello Chuck Steel,

    Would you mind sharing your settings for the Adobe Zip file in the Kace Managed Installation?

    Best regards,

    JMP - Jpinkston 3 years ago
    • ^ yes please. - Kiyolaka 3 years ago
    • I ran out of time to solve the issue and ended up stringing a bandaid solution together. What I'm doing is nesting the adobe package as a .zip within the main zip (yo dawg) and using 7-zip to handle it's extraction as part of the process. Kace only handles the extraction of the parent zip... Not exactly ideal as you consume extra disk space and have to perform two extractions but better then nothing. - Kiyolaka 3 years ago
      • Good workaround (annoying, but good solution) So did you put the 7zip standalone in the kace package? So in other words, the kace package contains 2 files- standalone 7zip and the package zip, and then you call 7zip as part of your script? - sundermannc@wdmcs.org 3 years ago
      • Yeah, I ended up using the 7-zip standalone to handle the extraction of the Adobe package. Here is a screenshot of the contents of the .zip I'm deploying. https://imgur.com/a/4ywUJPz - Kiyolaka 3 years ago
  • I have the same issue as you're describing! I have actually been fighting this all day today, trying to figure out what's up. It almost seems like a permissions issue.

    Like you, if I run the script, kace does the extraction (my own zip file with my own install.bat file), it will fail, error code 6. I can try to run it manually from the programdata folder, and it will still fail. If I copy/paste it to C:, it will run without failing, every time.

    Really irritating me.... - sundermannc@wdmcs.org 3 years ago
    • https://imgur.com/a/4ywUJPz That is what the contents of my .zip look like. - Kiyolaka 3 years ago
  • Partially related. The Zipped package only seems to reliably install when you launch setup from inside the zipped package. Not best practice but is works. many many headaches rolling this out. I am using Shared Device licenses. - MHSTech 3 years ago

Answers (3)

Posted by: Hobbsy 3 years ago
Red Belt

This may be down to the method that KACE uses to extract the files and also the tool used to create the zip file by Adobe. I am assuming that Adobe provides the zip file for download once you have created your package? We always taught, in Jumpstart training,  that when setting up Managed Installations using a zip file, you should always create the zip file using a proprietary third party tool (never windows zip) so 7 zip for example, as KACE could not handle certain types of archives. Therefore logically if Adobe are providing the zip file it may not have been created using a method that is copatible with KACE. I would suggest the following as a test, download the zip file from Adobe, unpack and extract all the contents, then create a new zip file using winzip or 7 zip and try to distribute that on your SMA, see if that works.

  • I concur with this assessment. I always extract the download from Adobe and create a zip file of only the contents of the Build folder to upload to the SMA and haven't had any issues deploying the 2019 apps. - chucksteel 3 years ago
    • Hi Chuck, I tried 7-zipping the contents of the Build folder in to a .zip and am running in to the same issues while setup.exe is running.. If I delete the extracted contents and re-extract the downloaded .zip via windows or 7-zip the install will go through. Could you please share what compression settings you are using while zipping it? - Kiyolaka 3 years ago
      • You're probably going to dig into the Adobe installer logs to get a clearer picture of what is happening behind the scenes. - chucksteel 3 years ago
    • I combed through the adobe log files which reference a generic boostrapper error which is generally associated with a bad download from the cloud packager but that is not the case in this instance... - Kiyolaka 3 years ago
      • What happens if you try a managed install using an unzipped BUILD folder? There was a problem with Adobe cloud app installs that I worked with them to get a fix, where the install would fail at the Adobe Licensing program install because a system account could not create the junction point that the license manager tried to create. The way to test this is to use the Adobe SMS installation script that is generated in one of the build folders to install each component of the cloud app in sequence, and log the entire process. I retired days after testing the fix for Adobe (it did work) and assume they would have updated the sources, or at least supplied the fixed license manager file as a separate download. Of course your issue may be something entirely different, but until you take some variables out of the equation, and try installing one piece at a time in a managed install sequence, you wont know for sure where the problem lies. - EdT 3 years ago
Posted by: lwjohnson 3 years ago
White Belt

This is the same issue I was having. 

This is what is in my zip file:


Now we have updated and are pushing version. Z

I extracted the zip (from the packager download, we had to d/l it again. it might be a bad package.) and after a few tries it is working fine now. We had to generate 3 different ones. One time it went up by 200 megs. So I know that something changed.

  • Hmm, strange. I tried with a few different packages are you including any additional packages with this such as Acrobat? The adobe acrobat installer is what seemed to be failing the check, CC itself didn't really seem to be running into any issues. - Kiyolaka 3 years ago
    • Yes, our zipped installer is about 700 megs. So we have a few items in the package. - lwjohnson 3 years ago
  • Can you show the contents of the install.bat file? - chris.forsyth 3 years ago
Posted by: sda40e 1 year ago
White Belt

Can you share managed install setup in KACE and Install.bat file thanks :-)

Steve A

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