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Working with a system that has been in place for a while but I'm still rather new to Kace use.  Did some searching and didn't find any answers so I'm asking is there a way to make changes to an existing computer's group policy that can be deployed through Kace?  Looking to make it so that standard users can now install printers.  It's a quality of life change for the end users and a reduction of tickets change for me but not exactly critical so heroic efforts will probably be skipped in favor of the next image refresh on the computers.  Overall loving the system even though I'm only scratching the surface of what's possible.



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  • If you can find the correct registry key that would make this change, then you could use the scripting > configuration policy>Registry Wizard to change the registry value.



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Errr....GP is set via your domain controller(s).  
Answered 09/11/2014 by: VBScab
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  • Problem here is that these are managed independant computers spread out across most of the US and Canada. No domain connection at all, that's why I'm looking for a Kace deployment option if possible.
Group Policy generally changes registry keys on the target machine. User-specific group policy settings go into HKCU whereas machine specific group policy settings go into HKLM. There are other capabilities within group policy but ultimately if you can determine what changes a particular GP makes to your test machine, you can then find a way to deploy it via Kace.  It really boils down to your familiarity with the registry and file system and with application packaging.
Answered 09/12/2014 by: EdT
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