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Fairly new to KACE and I've just noticed that some of my SMART Labels are not working as expected. Hope someone can help me out

I expected the SMART Label shown below to show all computers that have Adobe Flash Player installed AND the version is NOT (Hope you can make that out from the dodgy screen shot)

It actually shows all computers that have Adobe Flash Player installed as long as they don't have any software title (not just Adobe Flash Player) that is version

E.g If machine had Adobe Flash Player 10 and Donkey Kong (for example) it won't appear

Hope someone can help




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  • I have found the only way to accomplish this is by editing the resulting SQL.

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I have better luck using "begins with" for my software titles than "contains"

Try that

Your != should work properly to give you versions below

Answered 03/21/2014 by: rockhead44
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  • Thanks for replying. Already tried using "begins with" - No joy

I am in the same boat. New to KACE. The only way I have found to accomplish this is by editing the SQL after creating the smart label. I have almost zero knowledge of SQL. But I was able to look at the SQL and pinpoint the section dealing with version number (it's long!). I noticed the part dealing with "name equals Flash" was enclosed in parentheses, then "AND less than 12" was separate after that. I was able to drag the entire "AND less than 12" section inside the parentheses with the "name equals" statement, thus making "name equals Flash AND version less than 12"

hope that makes sense. this seems to be something a lot of people would want to do, but there is no way to "AND" in this fashion through the GUI.

Answered 03/24/2014 by: kcsc
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  • Thanks for the reply kcsc - you were spot on

    KACE support have confirmed that the query I built is working as expected - it WILL NOT return machines that have got Adobe Flash Player AND Adobe Flash Player is not equal to The only way to get the desired results is to edit the SQL as you suggested

    Thanks again
    • good deal, glad i could help. i hear KACE 6.0 is coming by the end of April. Lots of GUI changes, hopefully there is a better SQL statement builder.

I ran this same query and it worked correctly for me. I feel like this hotifx fixed searching weirdness for me...have you applied it?



Answered 03/24/2014 by: jegolf
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  • I applied that hotfix a while back. I've logged a support ticket about this issue. I'll report back with the findings. In the meantime if anyone else has got any ideas / suggestions I would love to hear from them.Cheers