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I am working in batches in my company to get our computers firmware up to date.  We try not to cause any reboots during the day so I set up all the 3060's with an alert to those people that updates would be applied this evening between 7 and 8 and to make sure all documents were saved and to log out when they went home.  Had a label set up for that model and all updates that were upgrades.  Allowed the users to Ok/Snooze with the message what would be happening tonight and then a reboot now but had the Cron custom set to 0 19 15 8 4.  

Got a call that computers (some) were rebooting now.  What am I not getting?  What is a better way to do this?  Does the schedule part not matter?  If an update requires a reboot, like a BIOS, does the system just overlook the schedule set?

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  • When saving the schedule do you think you mistakenly hit the Run Now button?
  • You know, you are probably correct and I feel so stupid! My brain yesterday was that I set the schedule and had everything in place and for some reason it made sense to hit Run Now, like it was an "active" button instead of being exactly what it says it is. I just "assumed" the set schedule would hold it in the confines. I have poured over the pdf manual but it is still as clear as mud. Thank you
  • So just to be clear, when setting up an update to push out during the night or weekend, set all the variables and then just save? Never hit Run Now unless I want it to execute immediately?
    • correct, Run Now means right now.

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