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Hi - we are applying custom registry settings to users in our enviroment through Group Policy.

We would like to check if the user is getting the applied settings through the HKU hive. The problem is, I cannot find a way to target the user's SID in the HK (HKEY_USERS) hive, for multiple users at once. Ideally I'd like to be able to see whether or not the user has the registry key/value or not, what PC the key/value was applied to. Currently I can only see if the value if the user is either logged in, or if it's on a per user basis using the HKU.

I created two custom software inventories. One that is HKCU and one that is HKU.

The HKCU will only target the current user logged in, so if the user is not logged into, you cannot see if the PC is getting the applied registry keys/values.


The HKU will target the current PC and only that user's SID. The problem with this is, we want to be able to see multiple SIDs in one custom inventory. You can create a custom inventory that detects each registry for multiple SIDs, but that won't give you an accurate answer on whose profile has the correct registry key/values on each PC.


Any thoughts on creating a more elaborate report?

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