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Our CRM admin gave us a .bat (it checks 32 vs 64 bit, closes Outlook, runs the installer and then adds our CRM config) I set up as an online KScript in our K1000 but it presents with UAC prompts. Realized it's not his script causing the problem though -- it's the client executable from Microsoft. No matter what I do, I can't get the CRM2016*.exe installer to proceed silently without UAC prompts (for testing, I simply tried this via non-administrative command prompt). Has anyone had any success rolling out the CRM2016 Outlook client via KACE, without end-user interaction?

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Local System account didn't work ... but I managed to do this by using a dedicated (local admin) domain account. I had assumed "logged in user" would be sufficient for my testing as I am a domain admin but KACE needed me to specify credentials. I think I got it ... thanks though.

Answered 06/20/2019 by: ljg_gencode
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for testing, I simply tried this via non-administrative command prompt

If there was a way to bypass UAC when running executable files, would that, in your opinion, present a teensy-weensy security problemette? Your clue on how to proceed: local System account.

Answered 06/20/2019 by: VBScab
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