We have Alienwares set up for one of our labs.  The imaging time, if it does not fail, takes 10 times longer than any other machine (such as a 9030 or 7450).  I'm not sure how to go about diagnosing this or seeing what I settings are incorrect.  This is a new image.  Our previous Kace tech is no longer here to help so I'm hoping the community has some suggestions for me.
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  • Do these Alienware devices have MVNe drives (i.e. Mini-PCIe SSDs) in them? Also, are you using K-Image or WIM? I've noticed a large increase in the time it takes to deploy a K-Image to these specific types of drives, vs SATA drives (mechanical or SSD)
    • No, they have Samsung EVO SSD's. I'm trying it both with K-image or WIM. Both have the same issues.
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