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I want to be able to run this silent and accept the recommended updates. I am also doing this with a exe file.

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  • I seem to be having issues with this too, so do I download the plugin or the files that have active x in the name. Did you have to have a separate installer for 32 and 64bit systems? Thanks in advance for the help!
  • I had to download the .exe file for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. There should be only one option. I only used the main one that you search for on Adobe's site and it works for both 32bit and 64bit.

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For the .exe use the switch /install


Answered 10/11/2013 by: jegolf
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Where would you put the switch /install in the script.  This is what I currently have and it does not accept the recommended updates:

install_flashplayer11x32ax_gtbd_chrd_dn_aaa_aih.exe /msi /s EULA_ACCEPT=YES AUTOUPDATECHECK=0 /qn

Answered 10/11/2013 by: tsienkiewicz@ldirx.com
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  • Ok - you will want to apply for a distribution license here:


    You jump through a few hoops for them and they will send you a link to an .exe and a .msi that are designed for mass deployments. I use the .exe with the /insall switch.
  • Just to add to jegolf's comment, that file is not the full installer, that's why those parameters won't work.
    • Do you know where I could get the full installer?
      • Follow the instructions above, you have to apply for it and they will send you a link.
      • You can also download .msi-Install-Files here: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html

I still cannot run this script.  It still does not get through when it asks if you want to run updates automatically.  Does anyone have this same issue or does someone have a script that works for this file?

Answered 10/15/2013 by: tsienkiewicz@ldirx.com
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I run this as a managed install and just use /q /i and it installs fine using the msi

Answered 10/15/2013 by: KiwiJJ
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I deploy Flash using the .msi mentioned above and the .cfg file to prevent updates found here, http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/administration-configure-auto-update-notification.html

Answered 10/16/2013 by: nyte-rider
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