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I have a requirement to call an exe which is stored in the binary table via a vbscript custom action,since my custom action runs before the installValide action and CopyFiles action. Hence, if I have the exe file in binary table I am thinking of calling the exe from there using vbscript custom action to get the return code and store it in a property using this vbscript.

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  • I am using same kind of the logic. Now i have to extract 6 files. The Query specifies a single BinaryName to be extracted. But how to extract multiple binary files to temp. Could you please share your thoughts on the same.

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Here's an excerpt of code you can try.  I just streamed notepad.exe into the binary table, and gave it a name of 'notepad' as a test.  It's a quick example of extracting it to the %temp% folder and running it (note there is no cleanup etc).  One thing to remember though, is the session object isn't available in a deferred context.  So if you wanted (and probably should be) to run your exe in a deferred context then you may want to consider at what point in the sequence you extract and run your exe.

Dim oFSO : Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

Dim tempFolder : tempFolder = oFSO.GetSpecialFolder(2) 
Dim outputFile : outputFile = tempFolder & "\notepad.exe" extractFromBinary "notepad", outputFile If oFSO.fileExists(outputFile) Then
 Dim objShell : Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
 objShell.Run (outputFile)
 Set objShell = Nothing
End If Function extractFromBinary(ByVal binaryName, ByVal binaryOutputFile)  Const msiReadStreamInteger = 0
 Const msiReadStreamBytes = 1
 Const msiReadStreamAnsi = 2
 Const msiReadStreamDirect = 3  Dim binaryView : Set binaryView = Session.Database.OpenView("SELECT * FROM Binary WHERE Name = '" & binaryName & "'")
 binaryView.Execute  Dim binaryRecord : Set binaryRecord = binaryView.Fetch
 Dim binaryData : binaryData = binaryRecord.ReadStream(2, binaryRecord.DataSize(2), msiReadStreamAnsi)
 Set binaryRecord = Nothing
 Dim binaryStream : Set binaryStream = oFSO.CreateTextFile(binaryOutputFile, True)
 binaryStream.Write binaryData
 Set binaryStream = Nothing 
End Function Set oFSO = Nothing
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  • It might be simpler to include the EXE in your package (maybe in %TEMP%, also) and, once your script has executed it, have the script delete it.