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I have researched high and low on this one and any assistance is greatly appreciated.  I do not have a solid foundation on KACE and deploying apps, I will list down what I have done.

I have MS 2008 Server 2008 R2 x64, zipped and uploaded in case.  The file size is around 4GB, even though the max allowable per Kace is 2GB.  My current install command is the following: Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=configurationfile.INI

KACE seems to time-out when attempting to deploy large files

When checking the following location, SQL 2008 R2 never fulling downloads and extracts itself.



"...[Tue Dec 11 12:17:02 2012] Error (cURL) copying files from 'http://k1000/packages/3724/sqlr2.zip' to 'C:\ProgramData\Dell\KACE\downloads\3724\sqlr2.zip': (404) Unknown error..."


I can install SQL 2008 via run command and with the (silent unattented) custom config file no problem.  Problem arises when attempting to deploy via KACE?  I need to deploy this to many users and stopping by each machine one at a time will be time consuming.  Is there a way I can upload SQL (64-bit) to KACE, and deploy without any errors or issues?  Or is this not possible?  Thank you again for any input.

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Like this



Answered 12/25/2012 by: jdornan
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  • @jdornan, I have read the article in the link provided. That's how I managed to custom make/create an ini file and run via batch file local to a machine. My question is, what commands do I need to use when attempting to deploy via Kace not run cmd.

    The manual install command in Kace that I am attempting to use is the following: Setup.exe /ConfigurationFile=configurationfile.INI

    Configuration residing in the root folder of my MS SQL 2008 R2 zip file.
  • You can't upload and deploy it through kace because of the size. You could push the script and run it from the UNC location though
    • Similar to this: http://www.kace.com/support/resources/kb/article/how-to-setup-alternate-download-location
  • @jdornan and jknox - thanks so much for your input. This definitely points me in the right direction. Hope you both enjoyed your holidays.