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I have a MSI package which installs several files including a config file which is uncorrect.
We fix the bad value in the config file on a computer where the package was installed, then I would now to get this correct config file and replace the file which is in the MSI (in a Cab file in the MSI) by the corrected one with PaceSuite MSI Editor.

Does somebody know how to do it, please ?

Many thanks in advance

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  • Hey, did the answer provided by Maidens help? Do you need additional assistance from our side?
  • Hello,
    Because I would have a single MSI file instead of MSI + MST or, as you (pace support) recommended me, to add the config file in the MSI then obtain a MSI + a CAB file, I finally ran the original MSI on a VM and I captured it with MSI Generator, then I replaced the config file.


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If its a vendor supplied MSI? do not make changes directly to the MSI, instead create a transform file and include changes/modifications within the transform. 


The link above should help you with either editing a re-packaged MSI or section 3.2 provides the necessary information on generating transforms.

Good luck

Answered 03/17/2017 by: Maidens
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The MSI package come from one of our customer : They provide us an MSI of a program which let us preparing files for them, but the developper of this program did a mistake in one of the config file.
The config file includes a setting of the path where users data for the paalication should be stored, and instead of setting this path to %userprofile%, the developper let his how user profile path.
Answered 03/23/2017 by: fcaignard
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