MA5Enterprise.exe /s /v"

I'm trying to do a silent install for application and I've tried it on my own for a while but seems as though it doesn't want to install silently. 
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I don't know what software is this, but after doing a Google search for MA5Enterprise.exe, I found the setup guide here: 

check page 7

MA5Retail.exe /s /v" /qn"


MA5Enterprise.exe /s /v" /qb"

I would suggest to contact the software vendor in regards those parameters since those quotations marks seem odd to me.

Answered 01/04/2018 by: Channeler
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If it's anything like version 3.1, you can extract the files from the EXE to find the MSI, which allows greater control of the install.  Here's the command line we put together some years ago for that older version, which might help:

msiexec /i "%~dp0MA3Enterprise.msi" /qb- /L*v "%SYSTEMROOT%\LOGS\MetadataAssistant 3.1.1109.0613.log"

Answered 01/04/2018 by: vjaneczko
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  • Revisiting this: I've tried and nothing happens. No install
    • What's the log file indicate?
      • where would the logs be found?
      • If using the example above, the logs would be in "%SYSTEMROOT%\LOGS\". The "/L*v" parameter indicates the location of the log and that it should be verbose.
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FFR, when you see the switch '/V', followed by MSI switches/arguments in quotes, you *know* that the EXE is extracting and executing an MSI.

Such EXEs aren't normally those which also perform post-installation steps (like so many InstallShield-built EXEs from vendors do) but there's never any harm in performing delta snapshots (after removing the Windows Installer information for the package in question) just to be sure:
- run the MSI
- perform a 'Before' snapshot using your favoured lightweight snapshotting tool
- delete the Windows Installer information
- run the EXE, making sure you choose exactly the same options as when you ran the MSI
- take an 'After' snapshot
- add any *relevant* changes to a transform, ready to apply to the MSI
Answered 01/05/2018 by: VBScab
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