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First off we have 65 images of which 64 are working flawlessly. Typical deployment time for an image here is about an hour, sometimes 45 mins depending on network constraints. The image in question is for a hp z420 as it takes 24 hours to deploy. We are only using K-images as the dedupe feature is a must for us given the amount of images we keep.

Background on the system that is imaging slowly.

The system itself is a HP z420 xeon workstation with 16 g of ram. The system is has a SSD, however a HD was also tested and had the same results. The OS on the image is x64 w7enterprise. This is operating as a UEFI system.

The kbe used was created with the latest net and storage drivers from HP.

The network hardware is completely ruled out. The port, patch cable and all is working fine for other images, the workspace is a tech area used daily for image creation and deployments. The computer itself has been swapped out with two identical systems to rule out the nics, all of which exhibit the same deployment slowness.

The image itself was assumed to be bad and was recreated twice not counting the original image created. All captures have the same results.

One oddity that I have found aside from the slowness is that one of the preinstall task is failing during deployment. The task that sets the MBR on the volumes is failing. The task itself works fine as it is actively being used with similar systems. The task consists of bootsect.exe /NT60 c: and the same for s: (s: is the msr vol). Again this task works without any issue on all other systems. When ran manually under the kbe  I get “This tool can only be run on systems booted using a pc/at bios. This system was booted using EFI or some other firmware type.”

Now the oddest thing of all is that after the image finally does deploy everything seems to work great. The image however takes every bit of 24 hours to deploy.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


Thank You

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    i created a new kbe using catured drivers from a factory stock z420 and tried deployment again with the same results.
  • Should't you be using UEFI partition and GPT if you are using UEFI BIOS? You mention MBR above and just wanted to clarify that.

  • My apologies for my terminology, I said MBR improperly in reference to uefi. This is gpt with a uefi partition. This part of the issue was little more than a curiosity as the machine once the image is deployed will boot and function just fine. The real issue is that the image takes a full 24 hours to deploy.
  • Another oddity is that capturing the image takes less than an hour.

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