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I have a bunch of users who need to be added to a software group in order for them to be able to download it via the K1000 Service Desk / Software Library.

Currently the list of users from our old licensing system is in .csv format. Is there any way I can import that information to add them to a group? There are too many to add manually.

We are not using AD and there are no LDAP groups for software to import. All we have is this .csv.

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Here's the KACE KB on importing tickets using assets (which I used to import 21,000 tickets from an Excel file), possibly something you could tweak to import your users:


The columns in the CSV file match up to the columns in the HD_TICKET table, so if you use the MySQL query browser you could tweak it so that you use the users table (and all of its columns) instead (sorry, not in front of my K1000 now so can't look up the name right now).  Leaving column entries themselves blank is not an issue (I know I didn't have data for every column in the HD_TICKET table), but every column needs to be present.  If you need help setting up or using the MySQL Query Browser so you can see the column names, this blog should help:


As for transferring the data from Assets into Users, I would create the pre-defined ticket rule (step 4 in the KB), then go into the SQL code (it will be listed in the Custom Ticket Rules section in the Queue configuration) and see specifically what it's targeting.  It may just require mapping the columns between the Assets and Users tables.

That said, if you aren't comfortable with the MySQL code, it might require a professional services package (as stated in the KB), but at least this should get you started so you can make that determination.

If nothing else, post how far you get (if you want to give it a shot yourself) and I'll take a look at the custom ticket rules I imported to do the ticket imports to see if it's something I can help with (once I'm in front of my K1000).


Answered 06/08/2012 by: jverbosk
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I can think of two possible solutions, but either will take a bit of work.

(1) Use a program like iMacros (takes data from a spreadsheet and autotypes it into a web-based form). Use it to fill in User information on the K1000. (http://wiki.imacros.net/Main_Page)

(2) There is likely a way (complicated is likely) to use the Assets module and a ticket rule to import the users. You would import the users to a custom asset records, then use the ticket rule to populate the Users table. It might involve KACE Support, not sure. Good luck!

Answered 06/08/2012 by: polandll
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I don't think there is a way to import that list, but if you are referring to labels when you say "software group", assuming they are in the Users list (Service Desk -> Users) you can check the box next to each User account, then under actions select Add Label to create a new label or Apply Label to select an existing label.


Answered 06/08/2012 by: ncsutmf
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