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Hello all,

 I did a force inventory on a PC then removed a program 7-zip, remote into PC looked at the whole c drive searching for 7-zip and nothing. Then did a force inventory on PC and pc show 7-zip still there. ??????

Any answers??? thank you

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  • Under "Installed Programs" and/or "Discovered Software"? If you click "Show Changes" on either of those do you see 7-zip in that list?
  • I see it in installed program before and after I removed the program
  • The KACE agent scans the Window's registry to determine if a Software is installed or NOT, it does not look at Programs list.
  • this is the powershell script that I run and the software inventory

    $(function Decode {
    If ($args[0] -is [System.Array]) {
    Else {
    "Not Found"

    ForEach ($Monitor in Get-WmiObject WmiMonitorID -Namespace root\wmi) {
    $Name = Decode $Monitor.UserFriendlyName -notmatch 0
    $Serial = Decode $Monitor.SerialNumberID -notmatch 0
    $Manufacturer = Decode $Monitor.ManufacturerName -notmatch 0
    $User = $Monitor.PSComputerName

    echo "$user $Name $Serial"
    )*>&1 > C:\kbox\monitors.txt

    In software
    ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd /c type c:\KBOX\monitors.txt)

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