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is there a 64bit kace agent for Windows 64 bit client?

And where can i download or get the 64bit kace agent.

Many thanks


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  • Why do you need a 64bit agent? The same agent works on 32bit and 64bit machines
  • ic....thought there is a separate agent for 32bi and 64bit OS.....
    Thanks for the enlightment.
  • it would be good if there were one, since with the 32Bit agent you need to script a bit to solve some issues in a mixed 32 and 64bit env.
    for Linux there is one.
  • With Kace Agent 32-bit on Windows 64-bit, it is not easy to manage 64-bit applications.
    On Windows 64-bit, the 64-bit environment is invisible from a 32-bit agent. Example:
    With 64-bit reg.exe you can "see" both the 64-bit applications and the 32-bit applications while this is not possible with the 32-bit reg.exe (default in 32-bit Kace Agent) on Windows 64- bit. From the 32-bit agent you must explicitly start the script in a 64-bit process. This makes the scripts more complex.
    With a 64-bit agent on Windows 64-bit, the scripts for managing 64- and 32-bit applications (installation and uninstallation) would become much easier.

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They don't make one for Windows unfortunately, however I believe it is planned. I agree it would be useful if they did have separate versions. 
Answered 08/05/2014 by: LBarclay
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