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I am having issues with Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.4.3 and Adobe Flash Player 11.4.4 (just testing my K-box) and I keep having issues with my Flash erroring out during my post-installation tasks. It actually doesn't matter what I try to install because when Acrobat is installing, any other software will say that "Error, there is another installation taking place. Please wait until finished and try again" (paraphrased, obviously). I didn't know if I needed to include pauses in my commands to prevent software from installing all at once or if the K-box is supposed to regulate multiple installations somehow.

Sorry. I am a noob and need to figure this out immediately. I have a very small window to get this thing working. I still have a couple JumpStart classes left, but do not want to wait for each class to get our KACE appliance rolling.

Thank you for any help, guidance, or pearls of wisdom!

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If you are running .exe apps, you should add start /wait in front of the .exe like so:

start /wait setup.exe

This means that it will start the .exe but wait until it is finished before moving on to the next item.

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