I'm trying to make a smart label the same way I'd make one in the past. I'm specifying either wired or wireless for a certain IP range, which has always worked...then either any machine containing 'mac' in the name to differentiate apple machines, or by doing pc name containing "WSiMacRM185" so I make labels for each room of iMacs. This would typically work in the past on 5.4 for me.

Any ideas?

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  • Cannot see the screenshot.
  • I am having the same issue.

    When trying to test a smart Label using the below example k1000 will either freeze or do nothing.

    Example smart machine label below:

    Software titles /// does not contain /// Adobe Reader


    Software titles /// contains /// Adobe Reader


    Software version /// != /// 11.0.03

    This use to work fine on the older version (5.4). The purpose of the above is to ensure that adobe reader 11.0.03 is installed on the client. I also took it once step further.

    Acrobat has issues when reader installs so I made a smart label called “Has Acrobatâ€. I tried to add:


    Label Names /// does not contain /// Has Acrobat

    Testing or creating a smart label seems to talk longer or in the above case just bombs out. I close the browser in order to access the k1000 again. I used IE 10, Chrome, Firefox on windows 8.
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