We will soon be switching our service desk system over to the K1000, and so we've been getting everything configured and set up to allow user's to log in. We set up the LDAP user import to pull users from a couple of OUs in Active Directory, and then place them in the correct role on the KACE based upon which OU they were in (User, Service Desk, Admin). The first import grabbed every user and correctly placed them in their respective place within the KACE service desk.

The issue I am having is that when a new user is created and their account is added to the "User" OU in Active Directory, the KACE user import places them in the "Service Desk" role. I have double checked that the user's are in the right OU, and that the import script is set to place them in the "User" role, but they're still being placed in the "Service Desk" role.

It's not really a critical issue. Since I know it's happening i'm able to manually reassign the users on the KACE, but it's an extra step in the management process I would like to eliminate if i could. Just wondering if anyone had seen something like this before, or has any ideas. I can post a few screenshots if it would help clarify anything.

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  • I am having a simular issue, did you ever find a fix?
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Do you have multiple LDAP imports setup for placing users in the different roles? We only have one import setup and everyone is placed in the same role at import. Smart labels can then be used to move people into their appropriate role (although that doesn't happen until they login).


Answered 03/28/2013 by: chucksteel
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  • We do have more than one. We have "SD-Admin" OU for user's to be imported into the Kace Admin group. "SD-Desk" for users to be imported into the Kace Service Desk group. And "SD-Users" for users going into the Kace Users group.

    The issue is that any new users created in AD and added to the SD-Users group are being placed in the Service Desk group on the K1000. I did another check of the LDAP import script on the Kace to make sure it wasn't set to place them there, and it is not. As I said, not critical, just more of an irritation.
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