Upgraded to v.8.0.318 The K1000 has slowed to a crawl... more than 60 second response time between clicks. 
  1. Waited 48 hours to see if it would resolve.
  2.  Rebooted with same result, 
  3. Rebooted again with database check and have same result. 
It is too slow to use at this point. Anyone have any suggestions?
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  • Ours is useable, but much slower than prior to the update. Rebooting doesn't resolve. Changing virtual performance parameters has no effect. Everything appears to be working; just slower than molasses.
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  • Check DNS entry, make sure that the primary DNS is not down or unreachable. If the primary DNS is not valid for the appliance, then it will slow down the entire appliance even if there is a secondary DNS entry.
    • Primary DNS was point to old DNS server... This was it! Thank you!
    • Thank you ... thank you ... thank you!!!! Changing our primary DNS server worked and now everything is working correctly. It took support over a week and they never found a fix ...but this did the trick! Our primary DNS was pointed to an old server and our secondary DNS was set for Google at I changed the primary DNS to Google's server and it worked. Everything is back up to speed and working correctly so far!
  • I dont have the wait time of 60 seconds, but I do have slow load times in inventory compared to version 7. It takes about 10 seconds to load device detail and other software inventory as well. Anyone else have this problem?
    • It might be related to one (or more) of several items described under - K1000 slow performance (150659) https://support.quest.com/kb/150659. Modify the items listed in that article and see if that helps improve the performance.
  • Tried everything so far still slow performance when using inventory. Have a support ticket in, thanks!
  • Just to update the past comments. We had Quest look at our K1000 and saw nothing wrong in the logs but did say it was lagging. We deployed the new 8.13 ovf template and restored it back and now it is running the way it should.
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Haven't seen the same problem.  If virtual, have you monitored CPU/memory usage and, if necessary, added additional?  Also, if virtual, how is disk IO?
Answered 12/28/2017 by: dstarrisom
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In our case, it was also very slow ... the task tranferency rate was adjusted .. it improved very little ... and I noticed that the display option of the system was removed.
Remembering that we do not intend to acquire any extra apliance ...
deception and regret
Answered 01/08/2018 by: Giuliano.Maria
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