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I would like to add a folder/files to admin desktop windows 10 during a post install task.  I see xcopy works well as a bat script, but where to put source file baffles me.  I am doing a scripted installation of Windows 10 with a usb drive that connects to the K2000 for OS deployment and application installs, I just need to know where to place a source file and how to map it in the BAT script.  Thanks
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  • I mean, should I put the Folder/Files in the Samba share, and if so how to reference that in a BAT to pull them from the k2000
  • Not really sure you can copy files in a post install task.
    Have you tried mapping it to a network share with xcopy...?
    xcopy /s \\SharedFolder\MyFolder C:\Users\User\Desktop\
    But the current user must have access to the shared folder, so
    watch your permissions.

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Instead of using a batch script post-install task use an application. Place your script plus the files in a zip archive, upload the zip file and use the script name as the parameter.

Answered 07/06/2017 by: chucksteel
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  • Again, not sure of the syntax, how do I reference the source file when it is uploaded as a part of a zip file using xcopy?
    • The files will be in the same folder as the batch file, so the source directory is the current directory for xcopy.
      • Thanks,
        That works.