K2000 Deploying msi file to Windows 10 not working

We have some proprietary software that we need to install with the k2000.

It works for Windows 7 using:
msiexec.exe /quiet /i "application_name.msi"

Any ideas on how I can deploy it to Windows 10 if it works for Windows 7 this way?

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  • Have you tried running the command manually? Does msiexec return any errors? Perhaps you can enable the verbose logging flag to help trouble shoot the issue. - chucksteel 3 years ago
  • The only thing I can find is error code 1603 but that is very vague. I tried running it manually and it does not work either. I can see the MSI in the Application log saying 'Beginning a Windows Installer transaction' with the Event ID 1040 and then instantly an ID 11708 saying 'Installation Failed'. It doesn't say anything else even with the below verbose change either.

    I am not sure if I enabled verbose properly, but i followed the steps listed here: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/enable-verbose-status-message-windows
    I changed the registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System
    DWORD called verbosestatus value 1

    I do not really know what else to look at. The installer is very basic and small (similar to something like CCleaner if I had to compare it). It has to be something with Windows 10 since it works in Windows 7 without any issues. Also, I am attempting an install on version 1703 of Windows 10. - cgsao 3 years ago
  • We have found that you need to use a variable to indicate the current folder to look for the installation file (it's a Win10 thing). The variable is "%~dp0".
    In this instance try running msiexec.exe /quiet /i "%~dp0\application_name.msi"

    Hope this works.
    Tim - hoodathunkut 3 years ago
    • I am having an issue where any PO installs that reference a ini or iss file during the install, they do the install, but do not apply the external file. And show as failed task with the "unknown error." Have used "%~dp0" in the past plenty in batch files, but have not tried it for the K2 parameters before. Lets hope this does the trick! Thanks for the idea! - five. 3 years ago
    • Thanks for that information. That did the trick for me! I had to run it inside a bat file with that line and it worked. It did not work uploading the msi with that as the command though for the parameters. That seemed a little strange to me. I appreciate the help! Sorry for the delay in response. I have been out sick with my son. - cgsao 3 years ago

Answers (3)

Posted by: anonymous_9363 3 years ago
Red Belt
Does the command run but the application doesn't get installed?
Does it not run at all?
You've clearly not used MSI logging so your own troubleshooting is, basically, you wondering what's gone wrong.
And in the UK, we use UK English, not the bastardised, phonetic US version.

  • I have never used MSI logging before. In the past we have always used thick images and I have been mostly out of the desktop imaging side until recently. Now that we just recently purchased the KACE products and had some personnel, I took over managing the images. This is my first time creating thin images. - cgsao 3 years ago
Posted by: Pressanykey 3 years ago
Red Belt
1. Copy the MSI file (any any required support files) to a "working directory" on your windowd machine (for example c:\_work_)
2. Open a command prompt using the "real" administrator account on a Windows 10 machine and navigate to your working directory into which you have copied your installation files previously
3. Execute the command msiexec /i "nameofmsifile.msi" /q /L*vx c:\_work_\install.log
4. Post the log file created here (AS AN ATTACHMENT!!!)

Then we can perhaps get over the need to have psychic powers to help you,


  • Thank you for that information! I tried the /L before and it never saved anything to the computer. I never tried the *vx before, I will have to look to see what that does and if it works for me.
    I am having an issue trying to install Seagull Bluezone silently now. I will try your command with that and see what it comes back with. It comes up with the msi window saying there is an invalid command not matter what I do. - cgsao 3 years ago
    • Hi, please post the EXACT command you enter into the command box / window. The only thing I can think of is that the msi file has spaces and you are not enclosing the file in quotations (") - Pressanykey 3 years ago
Posted by: anonymous_9363 3 years ago
Red Belt
"not working"

A brilliant description of the problem, which we will obviously be able to analyse instantly and faultlessly.

The folks here are pretty good but the possession of psychic powers tends to be the exception rather than the rule.

Oh and it's "Windows", not "Window's". Google how to use apostrophes.

  • I fixed the spelling mistakes as you requested.

    I do not know any other way to say it is not working or how to figure out more information about why it is not working. I gave the information that I thought was relevant to see if anyone else experienced similar problems with Windows 10. If you have any suggestions on what more information I could provide, please tell me so that I can update the post.

    If you have something that could potentially be useful in diagnosing, then great. Otherwise, thank you for the spelling tip and I hope you have a better day today than yesterday.

    P.S. You spelled 'analyse' wrong. It should be spelled 'analyze'. - cgsao 3 years ago
    • :-) As VBScab pointed out, UK English (analyse) - Pressanykey 3 years ago
      • Yeah, I didn't think about that. Sorry - cgsao 3 years ago
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