I'm trying to implement Dell Command | Configure on our K2000 and running in to an issue.
when i try to run cctk.exe --legactorom=disable (or any other options) the test system completely locks up and you have to hard reboot it.
i essentially want to switch our systems to full UEFI mode and disable any legacy options.

my command line =

X:\Command_Configure\AMD64\cctk.exe --attemptlegacyboot=disable --legacyorom=disable --secureboot=enable --wakeonlan=enable --autoon=everyday --autoonhr=23 --autoonmn=30

my ini is as follows


We are running a Win 10 64bit KBE built on a Win 10 64bit tech system
k2000 version = 4.0.695
Test System = Dell Latitude E7470

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  • Did you use KBE Manipulator to add CCTK to KBE?
    • yes i did. after building the KBE and creating the USB i can only find it at the following location after booting to the USB X:\Command_Configure\AMD64\cctk.exe
  • Could you transfer the CCTK config until after deployment? That way you could use K1000 (I've used K1 with CCTK successfully before)
    • i would like to apply the CCTK config with the K1000 however im looking to change the HDD and BIOS config from legacy boot to UEFI boot so it needs to be done with the K2000 as it will be applying a UEFI based image. we have a number of systems set to legacy mode that we would like to switch to UEFI during the imaging process.
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