As suggested by cserrins in his Advanced K2000 PDF from the Dell website....

I have been trying to create a VM snapshot after a mid-level task of "pause" and then "xcopy /y y:\scripts\ImagingTasks_119.xml x:\kace\engine\tasks.xml" to update the tasks. I created one yesterday, and let the installation finish through Windows. Today, I restored the VM snapshot at the "pause" task and it resumed, however after copying the xml file, all of the check marks disappeared on all of the tasks (including the pre-install ones like format and partition). The system then rebooted into Windows, sysprep did its specialize things, and Windows and the task engine started (though explorer.exe did not!). It then gives the following error:

It seems like by replacing the xml file the whole process started over... I checked the task ID in the webUI and it is indeed 119... maybe this version of KACE does not support pausing and resuming?

Id appreciate any help I can get.. Thanks
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  • looks like you did not have a mapped Y: to the k2
    • I wouldn't assume it to be in the postimaging tasks... the problem is that the task engine thinks the prior tasks have not been done---it shouldnt be looking for Y: as it is in Windows already... no?

      This is in Windows---all the mid level tasks already completed, including the pause and copy, and the system booted off the HDD. I wouldnt expect Y: to be mounted since the post-install tasks should be copied to the C drive by now. Its as if copying the XML file resets the task engine back to zero
    • I think it has something to due with the way they now have the hta communicating the task progression that it treats this as a new deployment vs the one it left off on.
      • So I'd this method of testing post install tasked no longer possible?
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