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Main site external Firewall IP = (This is where the SDA is located)
Remote site external Firewall IP = (and RSA is at this site)
RSA internal IP =
DHCP at the remote site has the boot server setup as the IP address of the RSA =

Since my SDA and RSA for this site are not able to be connected via a WAN at time, I have the firewalls setup at each site to forward ports from the external IPs to the internal devices.  The sync works fine, but when I try to image a client at the remote site I can see that after the initial boot to the client is referenceing the external IP address of the SDA in its downloads.  I can see that it is referencing instead of after I select my boot option.

The client still images, but I can tell from the speed that the path it is taking by hair-pinning out the firewall and back in is slowing down the process.  The internal switches run at 1GB and the external port on the FW is only at 100Mb.

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