The ability to add labels to software could be invaluable. As someone working at a school the process could look something like this.

Basic Software (Lable)

  • 7-Zip
  • Office
  • Java
  • Adobe Reader
  •  Chrome

Class1 Software (Label)

  • Class Specific software 1
  • Class Specific software 2

Instructor Software (Label)

  • Smartboard Tools
  • Finance Software
  • Class Monitoring Software

Department 1 Software (Label)

  • Special software that they just HAVE to have /s

From this point I can now add labels to images that dynamically update.

If I later decide to add Firefox to my basic software label I won’t have to update ALL of my images. Class images can be more easily managed. A student’s image could include the basic and class labels. Then duplicate that image and add the instructor label. 

If you agree with me on this subject, help me get it more recognized! I have added this to the KACE User Voice here: 


How would you improve on this idea? 

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