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I have been scouring the forums here for a solution to this error. I have 64-bit KBE that works perfectly. I am trying to create a 32-bit version, but get this error every time I try to boot to it. Running the kgetdhcp commands gives me:
  • kgetdhcp 66: q2 (with an up-down arrow)
  • kgetdhcp 244: No data found.
 I have tried:
  • Using the Media Manager to create environments with both the host name and the IP address.
  • Adding drivers manually, then recaching and recreating the KBE. However, I am able to get an IP address for the machine so I don't think the driver is the issue.
  • I have confirmed that option 66 is set correctly in DHCP.
Am I missing something? Something completely obvious that I'm overlooking? Or does this warrant a help desk ticket?
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  • In the KBE
    can you open a cmd window and ping by name to see if dns is resolving. also do a ipconfig /all to see if you have correct dns server
    • also just to make sure, when you say you manually added the drivers. You downloaded a 32bit nic driver and placed it in \\ikbox\drivers\kbe_windows_x86\someSubDir
      • Yes, only 32-bit drivers in the kb_windows_x86\SubDir.
    • DNS server is correct and the name resolves to the correct IP address.
      • Not sure if what version of waik/ADK you are using but maybe the 32bit boot.wim is messed up
  • I thought of that, so I tried creating boot sources from three different machines. Same result for all of them.
  • was media manager a clean install or was a older version on these machine? I ran into a MM problem from an install on a machine that had an older version, even though I uninstalled it first
    • All clean installs. None of the machines had had it installed before.
      • I would open a ticket then
  • Bugger. Ah well, might as well get our money's worth. Thanks!

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Can we assume that you have replaced any 64 bit drivers with their 32 bit equivalents ?
Answered 07/14/2014 by: EdT
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  • Yes, as stated in the comments.