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Does anyone know if it is actually possible to delete a profile that was either created or imported from the K3000 appliance?  I created a test profile and now want to remove it but I don't see an option for it?

the same goes for the apps section.  I enrolled a test user's Iphone, and after deleting it from the K3000, the user's Iphone apps are still showing in the Apps list, is there an option to remove these apps from the list? thanks for any info!!

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  • I updated to 1.1 and still see no way of removing/editing a profile. I did the same as mantexau. Im very new to kace and have both a k1000 and k3000. My k1000 is up and running great but im struggling with getting meaningful results with the k3000

    I dont have any users devices on my k3000. I may just kill this thing and start over.

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Still even with 1.1 I am not able to delete a profile which had been created with the iPhone Configuration Utility. I created the profile and I sent it with email to a colleague in other country. He installed it , it worked, but after he deleted the profile, I was not able to delete the profile from the appliance.

Answered 12/17/2013 by: elvenil
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The answer is: not right now. v1.1 will allow you to delete profiles. Not sure if deleting app records will make it into 1.1. It is intended functionality to see those app records after the device gets deleted, as those are records pointing to the app store and not to a specific device.


Answered 05/09/2013 by: mpace
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  • Great, thanks for the feedback mpace
  • Hello,
    You have a release date for 1.1?