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Testing out the K3000 (virtual machine) and we are unable to get the Android devices to connect.  Apple devices connect and configure without issue.

For the Android devices, I can log into K3 and accept the EULA. I then get prompted to install the certificate, which appears to be successful.  I then get prompted to install the app, which again appears to install successfully.  The app opens without issue and then tries to communicate with our server.  Inside the app, I get the following popups:
-Getting GCM Token
-Uploading to MDM server
-Failure to register device

I have recreated the Google API and our engineer has verified the ports are open but we are unable to get our Android devices to connect.

The virtual machine sits on a Windows 8 host. Windows 8 machine only has the VMware software installed on it and nothing else. The Window Firewall is off for all connections.

Has anyone else run into this issue with Android devices?

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  • We have had a similar issue with our Android devices, as our K3 is linked to our K1 we could see that the devices were actually checking in, even though they appeared not to be connected to the K3. We have raised this as an issue with Support, I would recommend that you do the same
  • We do now have the same problem with our Android devices. After i updated the k3000 to the latest version. The device does not arrive in the device list, and when i try sync on the device it sais Failure to register device.

    Anyone got any news about this problem?

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