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Hello everyone, 

I've recently taken over a Kace box for a client and I'm attempting to fix the issues with specific computers that havent resynced in awhile. These computers can be remoted into and pinged, they also have the Kace agent installed. I attempted to remove the Kace Agent through K1000 and I received this error when it attempted to uninstall the agent:



I would assume that this error is the reason why they haven't synced in quite some time. Does anyone know what causes this issue and how to resolve?

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  • could be firewall
  • Usually that means wrong password or typed incorrectly.

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Once an agent is installed, it doesn't need any credentials to communicate to server. If the agent is not syncing to server, please check agent logs and see if there are any errors. Also, check if AMP_CONNECTED file is present in c:\programdata\Dell\Kace directory

Answered 02/24/2014 by: AbhayR
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