I had a technical advisor session with Quest and they told me that Kace has REST API now and he sent me some document regarding API, however the document did not get into detail on how to use REST API and how I would be able to put data or import data into the Kace database.

Currently, I am manually importing data into the Asset database through Assets --> Import Assets, and I am hoping to be able to automate this process by using REST API to import the data.

Can you someone tell me if this is possible and how I would do this?  Thank you.

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  • What programming languages are you proficient with?
    • I just use scripting languages mainly but I know a bit of VBS and Perl.
  • Can the rest API allow CRUD operations? or At least Update. I was wondering if the API would allow me to update the location field of a newly built machine in KACE. For example, after k2000 builds a machine, I can automate based on a config file the location of the machine in KACE 1000. Any ideas?
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