My detect and deployment schedules run every day. Computer A and B might both have detected patches they need, but the patches available for deployment are controlled via a collection of labels. So, while both computers detected eligible patches, it might be the case that only computer A will deploy patches during the next daily deployment schedule, while computer B will not. I would like to create a label that applies to Computer A, but NOT computer B in this scenario. This will allow me to run a series of scripts against only the computers with patches to deploy during the next daily deployment schedule.

If I examine the inventory settings for computers A & B, I can easily determine which computer will be patching during the daily deploy schedule by examining the "Deployment Scheduled" list under "Security" > "Patching Detect/Deploy Status" > "Deploy Status". How can I leverage this information for a smart label? 

If not a smart label, what about a SQL select/update statement?

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  • Anyone?
  • There isn't anything that is available in the wizard to accomplish what you're trying to do. You'll need to modify/create the SQL. The PATCHLINK tables in the DB are where you will be able to get that info.
    • I figured that was the case, but I wasn't exactly sure how to create the SQL query after looking at the Patchlink table. I'm not a SQL expert yet... I figured it might be a common enough thing that someone else would know right off the bat.

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