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Managing an Approved Software List or Unapproved Software List K1000?

11/24/2019 310 views

My company is looking for a way to enforce an approved software list and we were hoping to do it through KACE.

I understand there is an Application Control feature in KACE but it works by having a blacklist, but is there a way to default everything to be Not Allowed and that way we maintain a whitelist instead?

Or just other ways of achieving this type of management through KACE. Also curious how any of you achieve this through other means.

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  • The application control in the SMA works by forcing the KACE agent to keep an eye in the taskmgr for say "Spotify.exe", and when it shows up there, intermediately, the SMA Agent kills that .EXE

    I don't think it's going to do well for performance to keep an eye for all but a few software.... you could try, but that's not it's intended use.

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