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I've noticed of late, since mid November that Kace Metering is unreliable.  Not sure if it was from a software catalog update or not.  Has anyone else noticed this.
Have Adobe Acrobat 10X pro installed to 5 workstations according to software catalog its only installed to 4, and only 2 are are using it.  One machine which is a heavy user of Adobe Acrobat Pro shows as not being used....
We have one user who is in Autocad from the time he turns his workstation on till he leaves for the night, yet according to kace metering his machine has never launched the program...
Quest Tech support on this issue was lacking, from rarely returning phone calls to not wanting to look at the issue, just kept pushing me to upgrade to 7.
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  • Anyone having issues with Version: 7.0.121306 with metering? It is like hit and miss with the metering.

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