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Hi there.

I am trying to set an msi launch condition preventing the execution from C drive. This is an in house msi designed to only run from a usb drive. We want to somehow prevent users from running it locally. Ideally, through the msi itself.

I presume there should be a away of setting a launch condition based on the SourceDir property. However, I am struggling finding a way to get it working. Desired outcome is that the msi cannot be ran from C:\

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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  • How about the condition:
    Not SOURCEDIR<<"C:\"
    • I would need to make sure it doesn’t run from any other subfolders. Would that cover it?

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It would have been quicker to test it than to respond! Ha.

Yes. << Means "starts with".

Answered 05/21/2018 by: captain_planet
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  • I’ve just finished work so unable to test it. Will test it soon.
    Thanks a lot for your help :)
  • Brilliant. Works like a charm. Thank you.