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Basically what I am hoping to accomplish or find out if anyone else has thought about this, is a better means of organizing scripts.

I am currently employing a fairly specific naming convention for my scripts, which is helpful (but becoming a gigantic list of scripts to sort throught) - as such: SW - Software Vendor Name - Application Name and Version - Script Purpose /Script Parameters - Location (if necessary). In a real life example, my location specific script to install Acrobat XI Pro title reads like this: SW - Adobe - Acrobat XI Pro - INSTALL /P - BLGS.

What I would love (and this is may be the wrong forum for this) is labels FOR scripts (NOTE: Not associating scripts with a smart label in order for the script to know which computers to run on) - but labels that organize scripts - such as strictly SW scripts, Adobe scripts, install scripts, etc.

Has anyone else thought about this and/or come up with a way to better organize them? I'm up for changing my naming scheme as I am only at about 70 scripts right now...better now than when I have a few hundred.

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  • no thoughts from anyone? Any thoughts are appreciated.
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