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I am using the K1000 system for patch management.  Under the patch status, I was wondering "Not Patched" meant (see image attached).  Does it mean there is an error?  Or does it mean the patch that was depolyed is not applicable to the machine?  Is there a log file where I can review the patch results?

I've also looked for documentation on this, but there is very little.  If I somehow missed the documentation, can someone point me to the right direction?  




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Answering my own question after further research:

"Not Patched" means that a patch that a patch that was applicable to that machine didnt go through for whatever reason.  In my case, the patches weren't being patched because that patch had been disabled.

Now i gotta find out why the patch was disabled and how I am supposed to enable it.





Also want to add, to view additional information about patch status, click on the computer it was deployed to, and under Security, there is a patch status drop down.  Under that, you can see additional info:

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