Dear all,

I have a curious issue whereby one user's pc shut itself down and restarts itself once a week.  When I removed the Kace Agent it did not shut itself down, I then reinstalled the Kace Agent.  It has been fine for two weeks or so but now has started this again.

I can't see anything in the logs to say whether this is a Kace Agent issue or another issue but wondered if anyone had had anything similar

Many thanks


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  • There is nothing in the logs right before shutdown? I had issues with provisioning before. Upon uninstall, the Kace agent would force a reboot. But this would show in the logs.

    If there is nothing in the logs... Poltergeist
    • Thank you, I tend to agree with you it really is odd, could be down to cabling possibly but just so random!
  • Check all the obvious, patch schedules with reboot options set or scripts that may apply to that device
    • Thank you, I am working my way through them all and seeing which ones that pc is part of, appreciate that.
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Interesting. Is the PC itself clean? Could be some sort of a software configuration/malfunction issue? Windows Task Scheduler is getting information from Kace Agent (long shot). Does the user have access to any settings or programs that could potentially lead to such issues?
Answered 08/24/2017 by: JoshRoss
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  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I have two pcs that are doing this, although one was fine for around 3 weeks. User does not have access to any settings or programs that could do that, and I can't see anything in the TS.

    Have looked at Kace to see if I have left or if the pcs are included in any scripts/patching schedules but cannot see anything there also. Really odd
    • What operating system/configuration are you running?
      • Also, failing hardware might generate errors forcing PC to restart, but I doubt that is the case in this scenario.
      • Windows 7 pro fat client with version 7 of Kace Client installed
      • I assume reinstalling the PC's to confirm or deny that it could be a corrupted Image is not an option?
      • We have replaced the pc entirely with a replacement system image using the same image deployed around the rest of the firm but always seems to be this person and one other.

        I was thinking maybe cabling but unsure if that would cause it?
      • Hmmm.... Not sure what cabling are we talking about? External or internal? Can't think of anything but Hardware at this point. Is it at regular intervals? After certain tasks? Any indications of a restart about to happen? Check system log dump maybe?
      • I was wondering about the network cabling in the office but yes will take a look at the system log file to see what if anything that says. The event viewer doesn't offer any clues and the timings seem to be random as far as I can tell
      • Try looking at the logs and see if all the cabling is correct. Afterward, try checking hardware of PCs. Mem, Cpu, MB tests. You can also try booting into bios and linger there for a couple of minutes. If the restarts Happen there, the problem will be obvious.
      • Thanks for your comments and advice, will take a look at those and see what else I can find. Best wishes
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