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I'm using Installshield 2012 and I simply want to copy a folder down to an existing directory in Program Files.  I want to run the msi on both Win 7 and Xp machines both a mix of 32 and 64 bit.  There are pre-defined folders for "Program Files" and "ProgramFiles64Folder". 

My first issue is that the it wants to copy the folder to the wrong Program file location.  Can I make the msi intelligent enough to choose the correct Program Files folder based on the OS bit?

My second issue is that if I have the following directory "Program Files\a\b\c\folder I want to copy"  The entire a\b\c\folder... path is dropped down.  The "a\b\c" path already exisits on the machine.  I just want to drop the folder in there.

I am using repackager to capture the folder being dropped down.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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First of all, I would like to say that this would not be possible in a single MSI. The reason is that, to install files in Program Files folder in x64 you need to mark the component as 64-bit. And for this you need to mark the MSI as 64 bit in Summary: (Instead of Intel;1033, you need to make it x64;1033)

This 64 bit MSI will not install on 32 bit machines.

So you can create 2 different MSI and at run time you can write a script to see what bit the OS and then install the MSI accordingly.

I would suggest you to read my post on my blog which will give you more direction in creation of x64 and x86 applications:


Answered 04/11/2012 by: piyushnasa
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Upload the Files to K1000 in Inventory>Software>Add New Item>Upload & Associate files.

Then go to Distribution>File Synchronization> fill up the details of the Files & Folders.

You can also create Pre & Post Deploy User Messages Windows. 

Try our http://www.kace.com/products/freetools/appdeploy-repackager Free Tools, I'm sure it will solve your current issues. 


Answered 04/10/2012 by: Aaron Cool
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