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Hi guys.

I'm pretty new to KACE, so this might be a simple stupid question, but please bear with me :-)

I have managed to create a ultraVNC script through the wizard, which works perfect on computers with are turned on. 
I really want to push the script to all computer, whenever they are powered on like if I do a destribution. Is that possible? 

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Hello, if I understand you need to manage your UltraVNC, you simply create a smart label on computers that do not have the UltraVNC policita and add the script created by you!

Answered 04/07/2014 by: brunocardoso
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If you set it to an Offline Script you can choose "Also Run at Machine Boot Up" and it should run at the next startup. Haven't used that much myself.

You could also have your script run at a set interval with a targeted smart label of machines without it installed. I do that sometimes.

Also - I use a MI for UltraVNC with the following parameters and it works great:

/verysilent /norestart /loadinf="\\pathtocustom.inf"

Answered 04/01/2014 by: jegolf
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  • The problem is, if the computer is turned off, and I run the script - the script will fail. But I could try to set a schedule with "deployment" to computers without the software installed.
    • If you have the option mentioned above set, when that machine is powered back on, KACE will initiate the script during boot. You can also try the "Also Run Once at next Client Checkin" option to snag systems that have been off longer than the check-in period (those will check in w/ KACE soon after they power up)
      • BNC-Austin: but it will fail, if the computer is powered off, when the script is pushed.
      • That's to be expected. However, you won't need to use the "Run Now" feature. Just set one of the "Also Run ..." options, and associate machines with that script using the Deployment section of the script. As long as they are associated, and one of those options set, they will run.