QuickTime 7.02 exe bad for unattended?

The new QuickTime 7.02 installer is not a Mind Installer like v6 and below.
Gone is the use of the QuickTimeInstaller.ini file.
It is now an InstallShield MSI driven by a setup.exe.

I am trying to have either the QuickTimeInstaller.EXE or the QuickTime.MSI run with
an MST file with all the tweaks mentioned in the Package Knowledge Base

Here is a list of what I have tried.
=== .ISS answer file Method ===
QuicktimeInstaller.exe -r -f1c:\setup.iss
-This records the setup.iss file fine.

QuicktimeInstaller.exe -s -f1D:\Apple_QT_EXE\setup.iss
-This runs with the setup.iss file fine but you can do MST files.

=== IS setup.exe Method ===
QuicktimeInstaller.exe /s/v/qn
-This works but no transforms (no tweaks)

QuickTimeInstaller.exe /t 1033.mst /s/v/qn
-This gives "Error reading setup initialization file"

QuickTimeInstaller.exe /s/v/qn TRANSFORMS=1033.mst
-This makes it chew for a while and then dies without an error.

=== Extracted MSI method ===
msiexec /i ISScript11.Msi /qb
msiexec /i QuickTime.msi /t 1033.mst ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 /qb
-ISScript11.MSI installs without error then QuickTime.msi gives me
"Error 1606. Could not access network location QTcomponents\"
(My tests are all done on local drives too!)

msiexec /i ISScript11.Msi /qb
msiexec /i QuickTime.msi TRANSFORMS=1033.mst ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 /qb
-Same as above

I am using QT 7.02 DL'd from here:

I plan to use WPS 5.60 to either create a 2nd MST file or to edit the 1033.mst file.
I do not want to use VBS or a CMD batch file to copy the QuickTime.qtp file,
delete shortcuts and plug one reg key.

Is the QuickTime 7.0.2 Installer (33,189,520 bytes) bad or am I loosing it?

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Posted by: Ilikebananas 17 years ago
Purple Belt
Hi misterd,

To get rid of the 1606 it works to move the "SetQTComponents" custom action back, to after "CostFinalize". (I moved it to just before "SetQTSYSTEM")

I am still curious why the old sequence doesn't work...

Anybody please correct me when I'm wrong...

Directories get resolved during the costfinalize action. The SetQTComponents action sets the directory QTComponents to [INSTALLDIR]QTComponents\, INSTALLDIR is not yet resolved and therefore empty. This means QTComponents does not get the complete path as a value, just "QTComponents\". Since the property is now defined, it won't resolve during costfinalize. The path gets checked and produces an error.

My guess is that this doesn't happen during the installshield setup, because isscript will fill INSTALLDIR before the SetQTComponents custom action.

Posted by: misterd 17 years ago
Second Degree Blue Belt
Thank you Ilikebananas for your idea.

I edited the 1033.MST file to move the "SetQTComponents" custom action to after "CostFinalize". (I moved it to just before "SetQTSYSTEM" like you) using WPS 5.60 as the tool.

No difference except it chews on it for about 30 seconds before you get the 1606 error message.
I added an embedded VBS script to tell me what the value of QTCOMPONENTS was right after "CostFinalize" and right after "SetQTComponents" custom action.
====== snip =========
'Read from windows installer property.

====== snip =========
Worst case I expected an almost blank window to popup and pause the MSI install.
Instead I still get the 1606 error and no popups!
Therefore, either the QTCOMPONENTS did not move in the sequence or something else needs it before it is defined!
Either way, the error happens before "CostFinalize" since I got no popups.

I decided to try creating an MST file from a blank template in WPS.
I did the same changes as above and did not use the 1033.MST file during install.
No difference, I still get a 1606 error.

In true "Wise" fashion, WPS bloated the MST file so I tried to move the "SetQTComponents" custom action using InstallShield AdminStudio SMS edition. I edited the "InstallExecuteSequence" table and change the Sequence number from 787 to 1045 to place it just before "SetQTSYSTEM".

It runs faster than the bloated MST generated by WPS but no difference, I still get:
"Error 1606. Could not access network location QTcomponents\"

If it worked for you, what MSI tool did you use?
Posted by: Ilikebananas 17 years ago
Purple Belt
Hi msterd,

I extracted the msi from the itunes setup.

I used orca to generate a transform and change the sequence number in the InstallExecutesequence table to 1125.

Other things I've done: I installed ISScript11 and conditioned the OnCheckSilentInstall not to run.

I doublechecked my result, it works in my environment....

Posted by: misterd 17 years ago
Second Degree Blue Belt
I found my problem:
If you use /QN or /QB the User Interface sequence will NOT run.
I used /QF and it ran without a hitch. In all my test I was using /QB

The QTCOMPONENTS needs something that is set in the User Interface sequence.
err...maybe it's the INSTALLDIR property?

I still don't know if I need to push the "SetQTComponents" custom action back or not but I'll figure it out.

Anyhow, I'll post my full recipe in the Package Knowledge Base with all the gotchas defined.

Thank you for your help.
Posted by: Ilikebananas 17 years ago
Purple Belt
I always use /qb for testing...
Posted by: constantine 17 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
I've been trying to deploy QT7 through Group Policy and have been getting the "Product: QuickTime -- Error 1606.Could not access network location QTComponents\." Though installing QT7 by manually double clicking the Quicktime.MSI while logged in would work flawlessly. Very strange behavior. Changing the execution sequence of the "SetQTComponents" custom action to "After CostFinalize" resolved this installation issue. I think your assumption about isscript is correct. Thanks![:)]

The Quicktime Package Knowledge Base really needs this info, i'm sure it will help other. I'm gonna post it and link it to this message board. Thanks again.
Posted by: turbokitty 17 years ago
6th Degree Black Belt
I've got my QT7 install working with the recipe and some other hacks listed here and invented personally. I still can't get the package to install through Marimba. Marimba's service account can't install it... the install is looking for something from the logged in user.
If I log into the box as an admin and run it.. it'll run with a /qn and all is fine. It's very odd.
Posted by: VeyTakon 17 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
I used misterd’s “FULL recipe” and at first everything looked good. The script method (note 1) removed the system tray icon (after a reboot), the auto-connect to Apple’s website is no more, and I don’t get the pesky upgrade notices. But I noticed a problem. The file extensions aren’t being registered. Looking in the options I find that only the file types “QuickTime Movie” are listed, yet even these aren’t registered to QuickTime. I tried setting this to “Use Defaults” and saving another copy of the .qtp file, and still no luck.

So I tried to go back a step and try the install without my MST:

msiexec /i ISScript11.Msi /qb
msiexec /i QuickTime.msi TRANSFORMS=1033.mst ISSETUPDRIVEN=1 /QR

Yet still the same problem. To add to that, the ReadMe icon isn’t working because the HTM file is never copied. Now, I really don’t care about this. I usually remove the icon; one less thing for the users to play with. But it seems to indicate that the default English transform (1033.mst) isn’t working.

Anyway, my only real problem is with the file extensions. Ultimately I’d like QuickTime set to the defaults.

Any suggestions? Anyone else run into this?

Posted by: shogan 16 years ago
Yellow Belt
I've been wrestling with the exact same problem for the past couple of days. I first noticed the issue when I Googled for a QuickTime test, and found that Apple's test page wasn't registering the streaming media formats. What's worse, even if you have a previous version installed and working, the MSI still blows away the old settings.

I began using the test page as a gauge of weather or not the formats are installed correctly. I was able to narrow down when the functions for this are called. On the "Installation Successful" dialog of the default QuickTimeInstaller.exe, if you click "Finish" or "Configure File & MIME Types" the required function is executed, and all your file settings are put in place.

This, in addition to all the other workarounds reported here, indicates that there's a lot more going on in the InstallShield wrapper as opposed to the MSI. I even found that none of the dialogs are w/in the MSI; they are all coming from InstallSheild.

I have yet to come up with a solution that I like. We can capture the registry settings needed and add them to the MSI/MST, but that could get messy and it's I highly doubt that's the way the installer does it normally.

Is there anyone out there that can offer some advice on how to capture what function is being called and/or find a way to run the compiled InstallSheild scripts from the MSI. I know this might be a little "out there", but I've already discovered that you can fire off the ISScript11.msi from the QuickTime.msi by placing a relative path install after CostInitialize in Execute Immediate and then moving the six IS DLL calls from the top to just below the install.

I'll try to keep y'all updated if I find anything on my end.
Posted by: fetgor 16 years ago
Senior Purple Belt
Hi, I had the same problem with File ext, if installing the msi only, this is how I solved the problem.
1. Installed the default *.exe an a clean machine, and found out which file ext. that was changed. (using snapshot).
2. In the MST file I imported the file ext that I wanted to add/change. There was some problems with the import, i.e the icons were not transferred and some OPEN %1% were not correctly imported, so after I compared the installation on 2 machines, 1 with the *.exe installation and 1 with the msi installation, What I can see all works fine.
Posted by: VeyTakon 16 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
I added shogan’s suggestion to incorporate the ISScript11.msi into the package and it seems to be working fine. I was experimenting with something similar but didn’t find the solution myself, so this is very helpful information.

I have not had luck creating the file extensions. I can import the image extensions (qtif and qti) just fine. The icon looks good and they open correctly. But any extension I make pointing to the QuickTimePlayer.exe gives me an error “–108: an unknown error occurred”. On the Mac this is a memory low error, but on the PC it doesn’t seem to have the same meaning.

Fetgor, is this something you ran into when you first imported your file extensions? Any suggestion on how to get past it?

Posted by: fetgor 16 years ago
Senior Purple Belt
Yes, I had the 108 error before i modified the OPEN for *.mov.
Posted by: VeyTakon 16 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
Ah, I see. The command verb for .MOV looks like this when imported:

Verb: open
Command: open
Arguement: Files\QuickTime\PictureViewer.exe "%1"

The Arguement needs to change to: "%1"

The .QTIF and .QTI extensions look similar, and should be fixed. But these seem to work (or at least not error) with the extra junk in the Arguement field. That's why I didn't see a problem at first.

What, if any, extension did you set a MIME Type for?
Posted by: fetgor 16 years ago
Senior Purple Belt
This is from my MIME table:


And this from the Extansion table:

If this not helps I can provide you with my mst.

Posted by: fetgor 16 years ago
Senior Purple Belt
forgot the verb table:

Posted by: rdieter 16 years ago
Senior Yellow Belt
ORIGINAL: fetgor

This is from my MIME table:

And this from the Extansion table:

If this not helps I can provide you with my mst.

Yes please! An mst file would be invaluable.
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