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I am currently working on packaging SAS 9.2 for deployment.

From SAS' Source (installer) directory, I ran the setup.exe file, selected "Install SAS Software", then "Install Additional Software", and only selected SAS Foundation. A few minutes into installing, it quits with this error:

An error occurred while processing installation package files

The error had a link to the log file, at the end of which contains the line:
PROCFILES: --> The following error occurred while installing C:\Program Files\SAS\SASVersionedJarRepository\9.2\eclipse\plugins\sas.analytics.cmpfuncetsmdl.nls_902000.0.0.20090116170000_v920\sas.analytics.cmpfuncetsmdl.nls.jar: -2147024894, The system cannot find the file specified.

When I ran procmon during the installation, I found that it was trying to do a read from

This file does not exist anywhere in the Source directory. Keep in mind I am running this from the original setup.exe. I'm inclined to think that our Installer from SAS is bad, but just that seems unlikely.

One more piece of information: in
Source\product_data\base__92ts2m0__win__en__sp0__1 there is a filelist.xml, and it lists the problematic .jar file like this:
<file name="sas/eclipse/plugins/sas.analytics.cmpfuncetsmdl.nls_902000.0.0.20090116170000_v920/sas.analytics.cmpfuncetsmdl.nls.jar"/>
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Did I understand correctly you saying that you're getting installation errors using the vendor's installer?? If that's the case, I would recommend you go right back to the vendor for support since your install files could be bad or maybe they have a set of requirements needed on the target workstation. You could, of course, start running procmon/regmon, and do all the troubleshooting in the world...but I wouldn't spend the man hours figuring out what is wrong with a vendor's installer....

Good luck

- Jay
Answered 05/06/2009 by: jcarri06
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Thanks man I just contacted SAS support. I'll reply to this again when I find out what it was.
Answered 05/07/2009 by: smooochy
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So it turns out it was in fact a bad download of the SAS software. After downloading it again everything worked fine and I was able to get it all packaged up in an MSI.
At this point I can't see why I wasted so much time troubleshooting and trying to get it to work, but I have only packaged about 5 applications so far and I had not come across this problem before.
Answered 05/20/2009 by: smooochy
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How did you package this into an msi? Did you just perform a setup capture of the setup.exe.
I am just about to begin packaging this application and as it is so big I am concerned a setup capture might not be the way to go. Wise seems to struggle with it.

Any suggestions?

Has anyone ever packaged this? If so, how?

Answered 07/30/2009 by: mark_holland21
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not so sure about sas 9.2
but sometime last year I rolled out sas 9.1.3 via sms 2003
i did not repackage it.

i read the sas admin guide and created the quiet file , this was rolled out with the setup.exe.
but i had lots of problems deploying sas but after a 5 days of pain I got it rolled out in the end

my advise use the sas admin guide to roll sas out

repackaging sas is not for the faint hearted in my opinion
Answered 07/30/2009 by: cygan
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Yes I completed this package a while ago, and I'll refer to the documentation I created so you can know the things you need to do to make it work.

1. Yes, I captured the install using IS repackager
2. I also used AdminStudio IS to customize the msi.
3. I excluded these files:


4. I excluded these keys:

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Code Store Database
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\App Paths\javaws.exe

5. Remove DIRPROPERTY1 from property table (this fixes the "%%userprofile%% not found" error).
6. I changed ALLUSERS1 to 1 in the property table. This wasn't for fixing any errors; it just guarantees a per-machine install.
Answered 07/30/2009 by: smooochy
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  • I am using IS repackager (v10) on a VM machine to package 9.2 but it is freezing when trying to analyse the system changes. Did you have any issues with it taking a long time to get to the project screen so you could build your MSI? And how big was your package when it finished its snapshot? What OS did you package it on?
I packaged 9.1.3, too but with Wise Package Studio. I don't recall it being anything other than straightforward. Make sure you install JRE 1.5.0_12 before capturing, otherwise you'll get that junk in your package. IIRC, the SAS installer ignores any other flavour of JRE, even later ones, but don't quote me: I did it 2 years ago and some kind soul deleted the packaging notes from our project area.

As an aside, at my current client, we package the quarterly (?) license updates as separate products, which seems a sensible approach.
Answered 07/30/2009 by: VBScab
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Just thought I would chime in with that we have SAS as an App-V package.
We run SAS in a hybrid mode where its installed to a server share.
This allows us to update the licence from one central location.
Answered 08/01/2009 by: rahvintzu
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Answered 04/26/2011 by: jhiltabidel
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