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I need to deploy Office 365 by using SCCM 2012 r2 which i know how to do this but the question how to add another task to this deployment to delete Outlook and email profile..   maybe just delete outlook.exe for the office 2010 ?  but how..

Please help

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  • office 2010i, i need to remove outlook only and keep word, excel 2010

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office 2010i, i need to remove outlook only and keep word, excel 2010

Answered 06/22/2016 by: omarohio
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You're asking a pretty complex question.

The easy Q first:
Let us know which old Office version you are trying to remove, and if you need to remove ALL of it. This is what I assume when you mean delete Outlook?

The hard Q:
To remove a Outlook profile is a lot harder, as this is stored in the user profile space. The link below will help, test it out, but how you get it to run for users is another matter. Do you really need to remove the profile, Outlook 2016 will work fine, unless you are switching services/providers as well etc.
Answered 06/22/2016 by: rileyz
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>deploy Office 365
>keep word, excel 2010

So....you want to deploy 365 but keep Word and Office 2010?!? Do Outlook and PowerPoint 365 have such wonderful features that you *have* to have them? Bizarre...truly bizarre...

If you go this route, I wish you the very best of luck with the next iteration of Office after 365!!

Answered 06/23/2016 by: VBScab
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You can run 365 next to 2010.
There is a clean up script for removing any office package.
You can use it to only target 2010 Outlook.
But you can also just install 365 and remove the 2010 icon.

Removing the outlook profile, there are many one line codes that do this.

But Like VBScab already said: this will create trouble,
Removing 2010 after 365 is installed, will require 365 to repair again!
Answered 06/29/2016 by: dedenker
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what edition of 365 are you using, as depending on your license level will depend on what media you get some licenses will only give you the click to run/app-v versions if you have this option you can opt to use the configuration xml to dictate what apps to install.

 other license levels will give you the standard media, and you can configure the options you want via the setup.exe /admin switch and you can choose to keep the apps you want remove the install of the apps you don't want installed and also can force it to blank the outlook profile aswell
Answered 06/30/2016 by: sparky86
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