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The Secure Browser v5.3.49803 bases on Firefox version 3.6


whereas the latest version of Firefox is already 17 (as per 28th Nov 2012).

Isn't Firefox v3.6 now considered insecure, so that using Secure Browser is insecure?

Which one offers more security: Firefox_v17 or Secure Browser?

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I believe becuase it uses virtualization technology it is easily reset and the changes made by malware/viruses won't "stick".  



Answered 11/28/2012 by: Timi
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  • The secure browser would be more secure as Timi stated because it is virtualized and is reset before any damage can take place but also because it is sandboxed from the OS so anything that can go wrong is contained within the browser.

    It can also be configure to use a blacklist and several other options.
    Just because something is newer doesn't mean more secure in fact it's usually the reverse.

    As of march of this year only version 10.0.3 had been approved as an Enterprise release.
  • i can't run it on win 8-64 bit.