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I wanted to see if anyone has had any success using the set computer name from the Deployment Workbench on the K2000.  Specifically having it poll the K1000 and get the host name.

What I am trying to do is manually add the computer account in the K1000 (MAC, Name) and then have the K2000 build the PC and pull the information from there.  Were I work requires the PC to be named after the individual.

Hoping someone has had success with this.

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I have!  It looks at the serial number of the workstation and searches for that on the K1 side.  The problem with Mac address is that the K1 stores the last mac address used to connect, which could be wireless and would not be the same mac address when pxe booting, so I went with serial number instead.  Make sure you are using all the switches needed.  You can run /debug or /log to get information if you are seeing an error.
Answered 11/14/2014 by: cserrins
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  • I feel like I am missing a switch or something as it is not working.

    Here is what I am running:

    setcomputername.exe /k1mysql /k1ipaddress:xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx /k1dbname:ORG1 /k1dbuser:report /k1dbpass:xxxx

    with the IPaddress set
    • Also in the K1000 I am going to Device and then manually device.
      • Adding it through there setting the name and MAC and Serial
    • There is an issue with the current version. Working on an update.
      • Thanks for the update. I ended up creating my own MySQL database with a php webpage front end where my users could go to the site and plug in the computer name and serial number. I then have a powershell script at the beginning that makes the connection to that database and searches for the serial number and name and then assigns it to the PC followed by a reboot.