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I want to know how to throw a message when the End user enters a Long path such as C:\QWEQW\QEQWEQW\QWEQWEQW\QWEQEQ\QWEQWE for Installation directory. I want the customer not to enter more than C:\QREW\QWEQ\QWEWQ. How to throw a message popping enter short path if long path entered. 

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  • Although, normally we don't encourage the users to define the path (INSTALLDIR), I am curious to know how we can achieve this for some rare circumstances... I hope that someone will post something..
  • It turned out that this is possible with Wise by editing the dialog box for "Destination folder". I then replaced the default text field with the "Edit Field" where you can set a "Max characters" and a Property set to INSTALLDIR.

    The browse tab is still available where users can select their folder but this will be limited to the max character you set and will be trimmed downed in the Field text. The downside is, they will receive an Internal error 2893.

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