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Hello everybody

If we send a warning to our employees, they will not be deleted after a certain time.

Example: The file server can not be reached for one hour for the purpose of maintenance work for the employees. Thus we would like to send the employees a corresponding information.
So we go to the Kace 1000 under Distribution> Warnings then select an already created alert and send it to all computers. In the warning details we set expiration to 24 hours.

All receive the warning as we requested. Unfortunately, however, the message will still appear even if a computer, for example logs in after a month the next time.

The expiration date just does not seem to work.

Anyone here has a tip for us how we can solve this? It is not a drama that this does not work as desired but still annoying for us as employees.

Many thanks and greetings


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 Alerts will not expire automatically until someone clicks OK.

Expiration field meaning from the docs: 

Specify the length of time for the message to be valid. When target devices are connected to the KACE SMA, the message is broadcast and is displayed until the user acknowledges the message by clicking OK.

NOTE:  If a device is not connected to the KACE SMA, the alert message is sent to the Agent Command Queue, and it remains there until the device connects to the KACE SMA. When the target device connects, the message appears regardless of whether the Expiration time has elapsed.
Answered 01/22/2019 by: AbhayR
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Ok, thanks for your answer!

But too bad it does not work.

Edit: Is there a way to manually delete/remove this from the Agent Command Queue?



Answered 01/23/2019 by: poekember
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