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I could not find a description in the Admin guide.
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Limit Patches to Matching Machine Labels:

It is recommended that you do not use this option.

It is only used to provide backward-compatibility in specific rare cases.

Answered 04/18/2012 by: Aaron Cool
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You can either configure a patch schedule to run on all machines (not recommended), or you can limit the patch schedule to machine labels you can then specify in a drop-down box. In order to use this, you need to first create machine labels (either regular or smart labels), and have them populated with your selected machines.
Answered 03/22/2012 by: ewagner
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  • I understand the concept and have created Machine labels to define which machines get patched, which is done in the Machine Section. This check box is down in the Deploy Patch Label Selection section. Are my selected Machine labels ignored until i check this box? that would be counter intuitive and a real flaw in the GUI design.
    • Under the Deploy Patch Label Selection, Limit Deploy To
      Selected Patch Labels are patch smart labels you have selected to deploy to your machine labels. Are you referring to the Limit Patches To Matching Machine Labels check box?
      • Yes, I am trying to get an answer on what that checkbox does. I have machine labels selected and specific patch labels set.