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I want to install and make inventories of my Windows 2000 Server but the agent 6 and higher don't do that.  Can someone help me ?  Searching since 1 weeks.

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  • I have a copy of 5.3.53177. You may want to check with support before deploying it. What version are you currently on?
    • i'm currently with 6.0 and 6.3 Agent. They don't work with Windows 2000 server. I have 5 windows 2000 server that i must include in Kace. Thnx to help me !
      • Have you verified with support that the old agent will work?
  • Yes and it works
  • Perhaps i install it manually on windows 2000 test server before deploying

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GenerierenderServer: COL004-MC6F15.hotmail.com

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Answered 01/23/2016 by: aragorn.2003
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i also have copies of client in version

  1. 5.3.44367
  2. 5.3.47173
  3. 5.3.47657
  4. 5.3.53177
Answered 01/12/2016 by: aragorn.2003
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  • Would you send a link to upload 5.3.53177 ?
    • Please send me an email. for further information take a look on my profile. there you´ll find my email address.
      • Bermex18@hotmail.ca
      • I send my email adress but no link to the ampagent are send to me.... PLease would you do hits rapidly ? Thank'S